• Facials (60 Mins)
Signature Facial Forever Young
Revatilizes & Restores Skin benefical for all Skin Types & also helps in Deep Cleansing & Reduction
Of Uneven Skin Tone and Pigmention
Works on Fine Lines Wrinkles & Pigmentation Add Collagen Mask for more enhanced look
Seaweed Purifying Rediance Facial
Unique Facial Products are derived from Naural Botanical Extracts &
Essential Vitamins known to reduce skin Roughness and Wrinkles
Instant Fix for Tan & Dull Skin gives Glowing and Fresh lookig Skin
  • Skyendor Facials
Aquatherm Power C+
Thermal Solution formulated wth nearly Pure Marine Collagen to improve Firmness of Sensitive Skin.Collagen & Oligo Elements are combined to improve & protect the skins. Micro relieves, restores the Skin tone & most common signs of Pre Mature Ageing Vitamin C is one of the most powerful Antioxidants.It stimulates Skin Metabolism & Collagen Formation. Reduces Photoageing & Hyperpigmentation.It provides Radiance & Better Skin Clarity. Also protects against DNA damage
  • Treatment Line
Acne Treatment Pigmentation
Effects of the treatment are long lasting but can be prolonged by using conjuction with a
Specialized reducing product range that we can recommend & through on going that we can carry out you Maintenance Treatments
Non-blech bared. Exfoliation, Polishing, Brightening & Antipigmentation. Helps to reduce Uneven Treatment Skin Tone & adds Glow
  • Instant Fix for Face
Brightening Mask Instant Glow Detan Mask Cooling Mask Lifting & Tightening Mask
Hydrating Mask Chocolate Mask Collagen Mask Gold Collagen Mask Botox Mask